10 Back to School Traditions to Start Now

The day is quickly approaching, and feelings of anticipation and excitement are building, it’s that time again, the kids are going Back to School. And while we’re busy gathering school supplies and organizing schedules, our children may be feeling some stress and fear.

What better way to ease the stress than establishing some memorable family traditions? Traditions are an important part of your family’s life, from small to big. These are fond memories that you create which your children may pass along to their own families!

So, whether your child is in the first grade, high school or even college! - it’s never too late to start family traditions.

Here are our top 10 favorite Back to School tradition ideas for your family to try this year!

1.    The Epic First Day of School Photo

There are plenty of photo ideas to document this momentous occasion. One of our favorites is to take the first day of school photo of your child in an oversized t-shirt with the phrase “Class of 2032”. Yes, the 2019 Kindergarten class will be graduating in 2032! ... Now let’s all take a moment to squash that thought of how old that will make us when they graduate! Moving on...

Another favorite is to take is the infamous chalkboard photo! We know it’s been circling around the internet for a long time, but who can resist this cute photo op sharing what they want to be when they grow up! The chalkboard in this picture can be found here and it’s under $15.00!

2.    Enjoy a Special Date with Just Mom and Dad

When the Back to School jitters are high, what better time than to spend some special one-on-one time with mom and dad. Let your child choose a special activity for the day. Maybe bowling, mini-golf or a movie. This is also a great chance for your child to open up to you and talk about their feelings about going back to school.

3.     Host A Prayer Breakfast

Host a Back-To-School prayer breakfast in your home on a Saturday before school starts. You can invite neighbors to come by to enjoy a breakfast spread including the essentials, pancakes and eggs. Share this special moment together and say a prayer for all the children that are heading back to school.

3.    Welcome the Backpack Fairy

Have your children leave their open backpacks outside their room the night before the first day of school. Once asleep, the Backpack Fairy fills the open backpacks with special snacks, candy, school supplies or new clothes for your child to find the next morning.

4.     Special personalized items

What a treat to have your own personalized items at school. Send along some personalized pens, pencils or backpacks for your child to bring some excitement on their first day back at school and hopefully, it will help them keep track of those things (We can’t promise anything though).

You can even personalize their outfit for the first day! We have some adorable options right here

5.    End of Summer Memory Jar

We came across this amazing idea on the Raising Arizona Kids site and just had to share it with our readers. Keep a jar labeled “Summer Memories” and throughout the summer each family member will write a special memory to place in the jar. For example, Joey learned how to tie his shoes, Megan caught her first fish or notes about the camping trips you enjoyed together.

At the end of the summer, you will have a jar full of memories and the best time to reminisce about your summertime memories is the evening before the first day of school. You’ll have plenty to smile and giggle about to start the new school year.

6.     Decorate the car

Pick up some window markers, window stickers, streamers and anything else over-the-top that you can think of. Have a fun evening of decorating the family car for the first day of school and drop the kids off in style!

7.    A grand dinner celebration the evening before

Mark this special occasion by creating an extravagant dining experience. Create your children’s favorite recipes, decorate the table, use the best dinnerware, drink juice out of wine glasses and dress your best. Trust us, your family will look forward to this experience next year!

8.    Plan an Afternoon Surprise

After a long summer, going back to school on the first day can take a lot of energy. Why not create a special afternoon surprise for the kids? Share some ice cream together and chat about their first day.

9.    First Day of School Smash Cake

Start a messy and memorable first day of school smash cake tradition. The day before school starts, make some delicious cupcakes with your children. Each child can decorate their own special smash cake. After they come home on their first day, they dive face-first into the smash cake. Be sure to take pictures of this one!

10.    Just Mom and Dad

These celebrations don’t have to include children. Why not drop the kids off at school on the first day and enjoy a nice brunch together chatting about what the year ahead holds for your family. You work hard and deserve to celebrate this time of year too!

So, what are some of your family’s back to school traditions? It doesn’t need to be anything over-the-top to make these fun memories for your kids. Start with a few fun little things that make the transition back to school a little easier.

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